Our Products and Services

Cantwell Air Inc in Ottawa, ON offers a broad variety of mechanical and HVAC services for your business. With our talented specialists and modern resources, we’ll make sure your systems run perfectly without any issues.

Custom Welding

On top of the general HVAC solutions we offer, we also perform custom welding and fabrication for clients who require this particular service. We design and install roof access ladders and structural steel.

Core Services

central heating system in the basement of an large building

We provide full service and contract maintenance on all commercial heating systems.

Air compressors on roof of factory with blue sky background.

Air Conditioning
We provide a wide range of specialty air conditioning systems to meet individual requirements.

stainless steel temperature controlled pressure tanks in factory

We provide full service and contract maintenance on all commercial refrigeration systems.

HVAC heating and air conditioning residential units

Custom Installations
We can provide your business with many different options to suit your specific requirements on any job big or small.

Ventilation system of factory

We can perform a thorough inspection of your ventilation systems and perform the necessary repairs to ensure that your facility’s air circulation is just right.

Pump station with inline centrifugal pumps

We offer a full line of service on pumps and associated piping/systems.

Preventive Maintenance

To ensure that your equipment receives long-term care, we provide preventive maintenance after every installation. We have annual, seasonal, and quarterly maintenance programs that include equipment inspection, filter and belt changes, pressure washing, and seasonal start-ups.

Complimentary Quotes

We do a lot of quotes, specifically for maintenance, large commercial installations, and new construction work. Inclusive in every quote is the estimated costs of the material that you need and the labour involved in the product installation.

Call us at 613-828-1200 for free quotes or inquiries.